Our Story

Here are some highlights from the Bridges Together story which began more than twenty years ago.

  • 1991 – Andrea Fonte Weaver developed the Bridges program as part of her undergraduate studies in gerontology and sociology at College of the Holy Cross.
  • 1991-1993 – Ms. Weaver designed, implemented and evaluated a wide-variety of intergenerational programs in Sudbury, Massachusetts during her tenure as an intergenerational specialist at the Sudbury Senior Center.  Bridges was one of the programs.
  • 1994 – Ms. Weaver earned her Master’s Degree in Intergenerational Studies from Wheelock College and a Volunteer Management Certificate from the United Way.
  • 1991-2001 – Ms. Weaver personally taught the program in Sudbury and other communities throughout Massachusetts in grades 3 – 6.  She was a leader in the Massachusetts Intergenerational Network and presented on intergenerational programming at multiple conferences.
  • 2000 – Based on the requests of students, parents, and seniors, the Sudbury Council on Aging and Sudbury Public Schools decided to implement the program in all 4th grade classrooms.  Ms. Weaver worked with a curriculum specialist to ensure that Bridges met the state educational standards for fourth grade.
  • 2002 – The Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs presented the R.O.S.E. Award for Innovation (Resources Organized to Serve Elders) to the Sudbury Council on Aging for the Bridges program!
  • 2003 – The Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA) selected the Town of Sudbury to be a recipient of the coveted Kenneth E. Pickard Municipal Innovation Award for the Bridges program!
  • 2003 – Ms. Weaver created a training program to empower communities to implement and teach the program, independent of Ms. Weaver.  Several communities in Massachusetts and Connecticut have successfully implemented Bridges.
  • 2010 – Ms. Weaver moved back to Sudbury with her family and assumed the position of Volunteer Coordinator.  More than 120 volunteers from more than a dozen communities participate each year.  The volunteers began asking Ms. Weaver to bring the program to their towns and their grandchildren’s schools.  Some people offered to personally help.
  • 2011 –  Five women, independently of each other, approached Ms. Weaver, asking to work for her bringing Bridges to other communities.
  • 2012 –  Building on this energy and enthusiasm, Ms. Weaver carefully selected a board of trustees and incorporated Bridges Together as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing and distributing intergenerational programs.  Ms. Weaver also completed the American Society on Aging Leadership Academy.
  • Moving ahead:  New programs are being added to the Bridges Together suite including Gardner’s Garden.  Plans are being constructed for a middle school program focused on healthful living and a leadership program.