Teachers & Educators

Bridges Together programs are easy-to-implement and have an enormous impact on students and in and out of the classroom.

The Curriculum
Bridges Together supports the National Core Competencies.  Each of the curriculum come with session plans that include:

  • Learning-at-home assignment
  • Preparing in class
  • Materials needed
  • Learning standards
  • Notes for the teacher
  • Clear directions for the lesson
  • Graphics for use with overheads or flip-charts

During each session, the following Language Arts skills are used:
Listening • Interviewing • Asking  Questions • Discussing • Giving Examples • Retelling • Summarizing • Comparing and Contrasting • Recording

Educators find that Bridges Together programs:
•    Include a set of lesson plans that advance students’ academic and social experiences
•    Strengthen the relationship between the classroom and the greater community
•    Provide an experiential learning environment with important life lessons

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