Children & Families

Ask some elementary school students what the best part of their week is and they’ll probably say their Bridges Together program.  To receive the undivided attention of older adults.  To learn about their family experiences.  To be able to share knowledge and “expertise.”  This time with Bridges Together volunteers is precious.

Conversations with Family

To prepare for each lesson, students are asked to interview a grandparent or older adult in their circle of love.  If that is not possible, they may interview their parents about their grandparent’s experience. These simple assignments provide a glimpse into their family’s history and a starting point for exciting conversations with their loved ones.

Academic Skills

Students strengthen academic skills in Bridges Together.  As they record information from their conversations, prepare talking points and present information in small groups, their language arts skills are enhanced.  They also learn about history, culture and science during some of the lessons.

Goals for Students

Bridges Together programs provide youngsters with a unique learning environment that:

  • Presents opportunities and topics for discussions in families.
  • Encourages individual growth as a well-rounded, inquisitive individual and a global citizen.
  • Helps the students develop a sense of belonging to the wider community.
  • Improves overall academic and social abilities.
  • Increases understanding of age and aging and that they are in fact, part of a wider lineage.

Bridges Together programs build confidence, interpersonal skills and interest in learning while fostering friendships with older members of the community.