Program Directors

Bridges Together Inc. is built upon the award-winning Bridges: Growing Older, Growing Together program that has been successfully implemented over the past 20 years in senior centers, community centers, public and private schools.  Bridges Together designs, develops and distributes other intergenerational programs based on the Bridges model.  The newest program is Gardner’s Garden where children and adults explore Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory as they learn about nature and gardening.

Bridges Together programs:

  • Provide both older and younger participants with an opportunity to share their unique gifts and experiences.
  • Afford seniors the opportunity to review their lives and share their personal histories.
  • Draw people into the senior center who might otherwise think the center is for “old people”.
  • Strengthen the relationship between the senior center and other parts of the community.
  • Can be successfully implemented in senior centers, community centers, religious organizations and senior housing.

Bridges Together programs have a significant impact on promoting a positive attitude about aging, fostering connections in the community, and increasing understanding between the generations.

Find out how to build and strengthen intergenerational relationships in your community.