How-To Guides

Bridges Together utilizes a fool-proof “recipe” for creating a successful intergenerational event. We regularly publish these templates for implementing creative, themed events. Consider them easy-to-execute and step-by-step guide sheets to engage, entertain and strengthen families, organizations and communities. You can find a sample, filled-in template here.

Guides Specific to February & March

For Black History Month:

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Celebrating Diversity Activity Sheet

For Presidents Day:

Presidents’ Day

For Women’s History Month:

Women’s History Month — Rosie the Riveter

For a Snow Day:

UP: An Intergenerational Movie Night

Family Tree (traditional genealogical structure)

Family Tree (non-traditional “circle of love” structure) PDF

Gift to This World Sheet

Intergenerational Top Ten Book Lists

Also check out our Grand Conversation Cards, designed to spark meaningful conversation! Once you have the cards, take a look at our examples of games to play with the Grand Conversation Cards!

Other How-To Guides

Take a look below — we’ve divided these guides into Detailed Plans (where we’ve spelled out the nitty-gritty of an entire event) and Springboards. (Resources designed to provide inspiration for you to plan your own, customized event.)

Either way, you’ll want to print out our  One-Time Event Recipe for Success, which gives you a template for planning an event that flows and allows for meaningful intergenerational engagement! Our Steps to Create an Intergenerational (IG) Program in Your Community sheet is a great place to start.


Let’s Dance: Planning an Intergenerational Prom

Helping Hands: Intergenerational Volunteering

Calling All Scouts: Uniting Generations from Your Scouting Program

Celebrating Grandparents (and Grandfriends) Day

Easy Outdoor Intergenerational Activities

Making Intergenerational Music

UP: An Intergenerational Movie Night

Planning a Community Walk: A Recipe for Intergenerational Success

Intergenerational Trips to the Art Museum

Intergenerational Activities at the Library


Ice Breakers

Games to Play with Bridges Together’s Grand Conversation Cards

One Book, One Community, One Family – How to-Guide

Other ideas

ABCs of Intergenerational Programs

Family Tree (traditional genealogical structure) PDF

Family Tree (non-traditional “circle of love” structure) PDF 

Gift to This World Sheet

Celebrating Diversity Activity Sheet

How to Welcome People

Celebrating Rites of Passages Intergenerationally

Poetry Page

Thanksgiving Activities






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