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At Bridges Together, we believe that strong intergenerational programs are a vaccination against ageism and a prescription for longevity. The benefits of meaningful intergenerational engagement are clear: Strong intergenerational programs empower youth to aspire to be active, healthful older adults all while experiencing being treasured by an older adult. In turn, strong intergenerational programs allow older adults to stay socially engaged, reflect on their lives as well as share their experience and wisdom.

Bridges Together is your go-to organization on the art and science of intergenerational engagement. We offer hands-on training and tools to help you and your community – whether that’s your school, your town, or your own family – embrace a truly age-integrated reality.

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With a well-established reputation plus a refined array of services and products, Bridges Together is seeking a Director of Business Development. The right person will be a dynamic and kind go-getter with excellent communication skills and a proven track record growing a nonprofit, social entrepreneurship. The person will be responsible for generating revenue through a variety of channels for this organization – especially earned income. If you are are interested in this position, please check out this job description. If you know someone who might be the right fit, please let them know about this opportunity to make a difference in our world.
Please visit this link to submit your resume:

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