Reflections From a Grandmother

Last year, like many other grandparents, Susan and her husband volunteered in Bridges in their granddaughter’s school.  They were so impressed with the program, that on their way home, they stopped at their local elementary school and asked the principal to bring Bridges to that school so that their other grandchildren could benefit.  He did!

Susan, a retired teacher, attended the Lead Team training and that evening wrote to Andrea, Bridges Together’s Executive Director:

I hope you were pleased with today’s training. I thought the group of teachers was outstanding – and very receptive. You did a masterful job facilitating the day. You set a very relaxed atmosphere; everyone was comfortable and participated easily. You make what you do look easy  – always with that great smile ~  and it’s obvious you put in a mountainous amount of work. 

Thank you, Susan!  This spring, Susan will volunteer in her other grandchild’s class.

To find out about bringing Bridges Together’s programs to your grandchildren’s school, please contact Susan McNulty, Community Outreach Coordinator at or call her at 978-793-9650.

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