A grand trip to Davis Farmland

On the final days of summer, I journeyed back to Davis Farmland in Sterling, Mass. According to their website, Davis Farmland is a place where families can “interact with North America’s largest sanctuary of endangered farm animals”.

When my boys were little, it was one of my favorite places to visit. Now that they are all teens, I “borrowed” my younger nephew and nieces in order to legitimize the visit I felt compelled to take!

IMG_2801As I watched the mama sheep with her head on her newborn baby’s back, I realized that the reason I treasured this loving farm is that I was able to witness the miracle of new life and the power of parental love. And should I choose, I could touch many little animals that ran around my feet.

But this time, I was struck with the number of grandparents and grandchildren who were visiting – again the wonder of that bond, the power of that love.

After having been away from the farm for a few years (due to tweens who were too cool to be there), I was thrilled that my sons – now teens – were happy to accompany their younger cousins. And amazingly – they, too, enjoyed themselves – immensely. As we explored the farm some things had remained constant and others had changed.

I began thinking about Bridges Together. Our team has been very busy planning for a new year. Some things remain constant – like our commitment to intergenerational programming and what we believe are the components of strong intergenerational programs. However, the way we present information, what information we’ll include in trainings as well as our Bridges manuals themselves – have all been updated.

I invite you to join us at an upcoming event!

And if you are looking for something fun to do with your family – consider taking a trip to Davis Farmland!


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