A poem in six words? You’ll be surprised!

Patti Russo, a certified poetry therapist with a passion for intergenerational relations, has been running a program in which high school students and older adults meet for six weeks to read and discuss poetry relevant to both age groups. The program is administered through Patti’s organization Between the Lines Poetry. During the course, each participant is asked to create a six-word poem.

Poetry quote 2“Our lively and spirited discussion focuses on personal responses to a poem rather than trying to extract the meaning of the poem,” she explains.

Each student is paired with one or two older adults, and they work together over the course of the six-week program so relationships can develop; some continue beyond the time spent in the program.

Patti lives in Carlisle, MA and served as primary author in the town for the Generations United Best Intergenerational Community Award in 2015. Carlisle was one of three award recipients nationwide! For more information about Patti and her intergenerational work, visit www.betweenthelinespoetry.com.

Poetry quote 1For more information about the origin and history of six-word memoirs please visit: http://www.sixwordmemoirs.com/

Here are some six-word memoirs from a recent session led by Patti:

Young blood helps open old arteries.  — Henry V. (older adult)

Six words can’t express my joy. –- Johnny (high school freshman)

Back in School

Stirs up Memories –- Barry  (older adult)


Time between new and old.  –- Zach (high school freshman)

Freshmen: an inspiration.

We’re OK too.  –- Ellen  (older adult)

Worth getting up at 6 for. -– Davison  (high school freshman)

Old and young having fun on Monday. —  Dee (older adult)

Age is just a judgmental illusion. –- Justin (high school freshman)

Young and old aren’t that different. –- Claire (older adult)

Gurus and grasshoppers: Looking up, handing down. –- Patrick (classroom teacher’s aide)

Unquantifiable magic. No grade but A.  –- Ms. Hull (classroom teacher)

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