An intergenerational Memorial Day celebration

The Barnstable Senior Center celebrates Memorial Day with an annual intergenerational breakfast that brings veterans together with high school students. During the 90-minute event, the veterans share with the audience and the students their life experiences and stories about their time spent in service. The breakfast is followed by a ceremony that includes the raising of the American flag and an honor guard.

From the 2014 Cape Cod Times - photo by Steve Heaslip

From the 2014 Cape Cod Times – photo by Steve Heaslip

Barnstable Senior Center Activity Coordinator Susan Griffin explains, “Our Memorial Day Breakfast honors Veterans. We collaborate with Veteran Services and the Barnstable High School and try to pair student with the vets.”

The breakfast includes veterans from organizations such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion, and the Korean War Veterans Organization. The students come from history and government classes at Barnstable High School. They sit at tables together talking in small groups, and then some of the veterans present for the whole gathering.

Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Flag day are all great opportunities to bring the generations together and share historical facts and personal stories. Hearing directly from individuals who participated in these historical events brings the past to life for young and old alike.

Click here to read a feature about the 2014 Barnstable breakfast in the Cape Cod Times.

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