An Old-Fashioned Parade

BT COA FloatToday, it’s so dreary out and hard to get motivated.  It’s hard to believe that one week ago there were bright blue skies and we were celebrating July 4th!

The excitement could be felt from the little one-year old to the person in her 80s:  we were going to be in the town’s annual Fourth of July Parade.   About fifteen people of all ages gathered to celebrate America’s birthday on a parade float sponsored by the Sudbury Senior Center.  The float celebrated the sense of community and the many friendships that are formed through the Bridges intergenerational programs.  In preparation, we invited people of all ages to color in birthday cakes which we used to decorate the float.  One senior exclaimed, “I brought these coloring sheets to a party and we all colored.  I didn’t know coloring could be so fun!”

Newman of Sudbury Design offered to be our chauffer and allowed us to use his truck for the float.  A picnic table sat on the flatbed and was adorned with a 3’ birthday cake and presents in patriotic wrappings.  Banners celebrating the relationship between the Center, Bridges Together and the Sudbury Public Schools ran along each side of the truck.  Posters featuring more than 40 colored birthday cakes helped complete the picture.

Patriotic songs from the different decades blasted through the loud-speakers.  Those who were marching had so much fun throwing candy. The sides of the streets were full of joyful people waiting for the floats to go by and welcoming them warmly with clapping hands and big smiles.  Many faces lit up as they reconnected with friends along the parade route.

We were once again reminded of how parades are a fun time for people of all ages– whether in the parade or watching the parade!

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