And the Innovator of the Year Award Goes To…

Andrea and MCOA’s Board President Brian O’Grady

…Bridges Together!

We are thrilled to be a recipient of a MCOA (Massachusetts Councils on Aging) Innovator of the Year award given to projects or programs that significantly impact the community. On Friday, June 9, BT staff and two board members attended MCOA’s annual meeting to receive the award.

The award was given for our ready-made, off-the-shelf program, the Bridges Program Curricula Suite. Kathy Bowler, Director of Training, Technical Assistance and Special Events at MCOA, says this about the Bridges program:

We appreciate that Bridges is curriculum-based; MCOA members can go to their local school departments and advocate for this intergenerational program. While many communities offer one-time events that unite older adults and youth and begin to build connections, we appreciate that Bridges is a deeper-drive. The fact that it has been running for 25 years and is implemented in more communities each year points toward the program’s efficacy. Congratulations on an excellent and innovative program!

We are so pleased that Treehouse Foundation also received an innovator of the year award for its planned community for elders and families with youth in foster care. We often collaborate with Treehouse on intergenerational initiatives. If you don’t know about their great work, please take a moment to check them out!

We are grateful to MCOA for many years of support, collaboration, camaraderie…and for this great award!

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