BE EMPOWERED: BT is Here to Help You Plan an Event for Women’s History Month

Help the women and girls in your life feel EMPOWERED! All women and girls can learn a lot from each other in an intergenerational setting — and here’s how Bridges Together can help.

On Friday, Bridges Together announced our exciting new membership program! If you’re looking for robust training tools to help you as you implement intergenerational programs and events, look no further.

Each month Bridges Together will be creating two resources for our members: a How-To Guide (a more formal lesson plan designed for teachers, senior/community center directors, and other professionals) and a Springboard (perfect for more casual settings, such as a get-together between grandparent and grandchild). Both resources are designed to celebrate Women’s History Month and to EMPOWER the women and girls you know.

Get started now! Here’s how:

Step 1) Download an Empowerment How-To Guide or Springboard. How-To Guides are perfect for professionals, such as teachers or senior/community center directors) who want a more formal intergenerational lesson plan. Springboards are geared toward grandparents and families and are perfect guides for discussion.

Step 2) Listen to a corresponding webinar. Not only do we provide the lesson/questions for you, we are here to guide you through them!

These are available for FREE for members! Not a member yet, JOIN us today!

Join Bridges Together as we we promote EMPOWERMENT through INTERGENERATIONAL ENGAGEMENT!
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If You're a Grandparent or Parent.....

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