Bridges Goes to Washington: Poster Session at the Annual Conference of the National Council for the Social Studies

Bridges at the annual conference of the National Council on the Social Studies

Did you know that the Bridges Program Curricula Suite supports the Common Core Curriculum? In fact, one longstanding Bridges community – Burlington, MA – incorporates Bridges: Growing Together into ELA lessons. (Bridges is run district-wide, in all of Burlington’s 4th grade classrooms. Click here to see a video from Burlington Cable Access Television showing what Bridges session in action.)

In early December, Bridges Together supporter Katie Bercury, Social Studies Coach for Burlington Public Schools, oversaw a “poster session” at the annual conference of the National Council for the Social Studies in Washington, D.C. A 4’ x 9’ poster explained the whos, whats and whys of a typical Bridges session as well as outlined the benefits to participating students. (There are a host of benefits for participating seniors too, but this conference was focused on students, of course!) In addition, the poster included Bridges Together’s “change logic model” which we submitted to the Tufts Health Plan Foundation, one of our financial supporters.

These pictures of an “old” person before and after participating in Bridges were drawn by a Burlington student and included on the poster.

Click here to take a look at a two-page, printable version of the poster. If you are interested in bringing Bridges to your community and need some help explaining the process and the benefits to other parties, this is the perfect tool. You can also find a PDF of just the change logic model here.

Katie got a great response from attendees, with people inquiring about how to bring Bridges to their schools. If you are in Massachusetts, we actually have an easy answer to that query: Apply for a grant! We have funding available; please contact our Intergenerational Facilitator Julie Shaw (978.793.9509) for more information.

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