Bridges is Going to High School!

Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School students with Bridges Together volunteers

Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School students with Bridges Together volunteers

Introducing…Bridges for high school students and seasoned adult volunteers! We are thrilled to announce that Bridges Together, thanks to a generous grant from The Sudbury Foundation, will create an extension of its Bridges Program Curriculum. Scheduled to pilot at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School in the spring semester, Bridges: Lifelong Journeys aims to “empower high school students and older adults with tools that will help them prosper on their lifelong journeys,” explains Andrea J. Fonte Weaver, Founder and Executive Director of Bridges Together Inc., based in Sudbury, MA. Already in use in schools from Pre-K to 8th grade, the Bridges Program curricula helps facilitate intergenerational dialogue and inclusiveness. This move into older grades is a natural outflow of younger students who have gone through Bridges and want to reconnect with older adults as well as continue learning. It is also “…a way that some sections of the student body [will] gain exposure to issues, experience, and knowledge important to have in our global community, a demographic that is rapidly aging,” according to Susan Frommer, the L-S Community Service Coordinator and a Bridges Together supporter. Bridges: Lifelong Journeys will augment many intergenerational efforts at L-S – such as students participating in Omega conferences at the MIT Age Lab and hosting the Senior Citizen Thanksgiving Luncheon. What can participants expect? Bridges: Lifelong Journeys will share the same theme-based format and small group work of other Bridges programs while providing leadership opportunities for students as well. Session topics will focus on the different aspects of growing up and growing old. We’re excited to introduce this new “baby” and are grateful to the Sudbury Foundation and Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School for the opportunity to “deliver”!

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