Bridges Together a Recipient of a $100K for 100 Grant from Cummings Foundation!

Bridges Together is absolutely thrilled to be a recipient of one of Cummings Foundation’s $100K for 100 grants! We applied for funding, distributed over three years, specifically to hire a grant writer.

Our founder and executive director, Andrea J. Fonte Weaver, just had a “hunch” that she should check the BT mail on Saturday…she was thrilled to see that this had arrived:

Andrea’s husband Herb snapped this photo after she opened the “big envelope.”

Below is an excerpt of an email that Andrea sent to Cummings Foundation’s Executive Director, Joel B. Swets, and Associate Executive Director, Joyce Vyriotes:

Wow! What a wonderful gift when I went to the mailbox and opened this priority mail envelope!

 Thank you so very much! Words are so inadequate to express my gratitude – on behalf of this entire organization – in being entrusted with a grant for $100K from Cummings Foundation.

 At Bridges Together, we try to work tirelessly helping communities understand why we need intergenerational programs and providing tools to unite the generations.  

But as you can imagine – it is tiring, especially the fundraising part. This grant has certainly put a “pep in our step.”

Representatives from Bridges Together will join representatives from the other 99 winning organizations on Thursday, June 8.

Thank you to Cummings Foundation for this incredible vote of support for the work that Bridges Together does in promoting a truly intergenerational society.




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