Bridges Together + Intergeneration Month = A New Partnership

Bridges Together is honored and humbled to announce that we will be carrying on the great work of the Colorado-based organization Intergeneration Month.

What is Intergeneration Month?

Intergeneration Month, founded by attorney Sandy F. Kraemer in 2000, is an offshoot of Intergeneration Foundation, a 501(c)(3) formed by Kraemer in 1987 to research intergenerational issues. After launching “Intergeneration Day” — a day designed to intentionally connect generations — the foundation soon determined that one day to celebrate and encourage intergenerational connections was not sufficient and therefore launched “Intergeneration Month,” observed annually in September. 

Perhaps the idea of celebrating intergenerational connections in September sounds familiar. In September 2016, Bridges Together spearheaded the Massachusetts celebrations of what we called Intergenerational Awareness Month, including garnering a proclamation from Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker. Our inspiration came from Sandy and his initiative, and we are delighted to be carrying on his organization’s work.

What else does this “merger” mean?

In addition to what will now be called “Intergenerational Month,” Bridges Together will continue to run the organization’s flagship initiative, an Intergenerational Story Contest, as well as absorb its website and social media. We are also delighted to “inherit” Sandy’s thoughtful quotes, such as: 

Here’s what Sandy has to say about this new step:

“Intergeneration Month: September has been growing since the year 2000 to connect people across generations. Forty-three state governors have issued proclamations in support, plus countless organizations, families and individuals. Bridges Together has been selected to expand this vital annual event because of its highly visible intergenerational achievements and future plans to connect generations.” 
You can read our press release about this development here.

BT Board Member Michele Fisher, Andrea J. Fonte Weaver, Sandy F. Kraemer, former IG Month Board Member Dorothy Kraemer

How did this partnership evolve?

The seed of this exciting partnership was planted in late 2016, when Andrea and Sandy connected over the phone at the suggestion of Donna Butts, Executive Director of national organization Generations United. A few more enthusiastic phone calls ensued, and in January, Andrea and Bridges Together board member Michele Fisher flew to Colorado Springs to meet Sandy and the board of Intergeneration Month.

What’s next?

Bridges Together is busy integrating content from Intergeneration Month’s website into our own to provide people with an even more robust one-stop-shop for intergenerational resources.

We are looking forward to continuing Intergeneration Month’s globally renowned story contest, which has received entries from North America, Africa, Asia and Europe! And believe it or not, September will be here before we know it. Start thinking about how your community might celebrate Intergenerational Month — we have tons of resources to get you started.







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