Bridges Together is on a Mission to Make Our Vision a Reality: Updated Statements

Bridges Together is thrilled to announce our updated mission and vision statements, voted on by our Board of Trustees.

Bridges Together’s Vision: Every child and older adult will experience the richness of intergenerational relationships and interdependence.

This statement is our vision for our communities, our society – and our world! We envision an environment that not only upholds intergenerational values, but encourages the richness of these relationships!

How do we see that happening? Well, our vision leads into Bridges Together’s updated mission statement.

Bridges Together’s mission is to empower leaders to connect generations thereby transforming lives today and tomorrow.

Here’s how we do that:

In addition to updating our vision and mission statements, we’ve done a reorg on our website. The look and feel may be the same, but we encourage you to click on over and see how we’ve laid out our menus according to the three bullets above.
Bridges Together is on a mission to make our vision a reality. Join us!


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