Bridges Together welcomes a new board fellow!

Winson Liu is a new board fellow who has joined Bridges Together through Net Impact Boston. He is currently working at Liberty Mutual, specializing in business strategy, analytics and strategic planning. He graduated from Boston College in 2007 with a dual degree in economics and computer Science. He has previously participated in the nonprofit world with the Lenny Zakim Fund and Shelter Music Boston.
Winson Liu

Winson Liu

Winson’s fellowship with BT will involve developing a strategic vision and a tactical 2-3 year strategic plan for sustainability and growth.

During his free time, Winson enjoys both watching and playing basketball and football and rooting for Boston sports teams as a native Bostonian.  Winson says:

I’m thrilled to be joining the board of a growing non-profit. I have wanted to utilize the skills and experiences I’ve obtained in the business/corporate world to help philanthropic organizations make the community a better place for all and improve the lives of those in need. During the Fellowship placement process, I was attracted to the high-level project that Bridges Together submitted to Net Impact because it is the type of work that I excel at for my current job at Liberty Mutual. I would be putting my daily skillset from work at use for BT and helping to create a strong foundation and a strong plan for the future. When speaking to Jeff and Andrea during the interview process, I saw a great opportunity that this intergenerational organization could capitalize on. Outside of work, I’ve served as a mentor for numerous undergraduate students at my alma mater, Boston College. And it has been a very fulfilling experience to see others accomplish their goals or envision a path of success just from hearing and leveraging my experiences. For BT, the opportunity is even greater because they can help forge a closer connection between widely gapped generations whose interactions with each other and life experiences may be more lost within this rapidly changing world.

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