Bridging Groups

These How-To-Guides (H2G’s) empower you to create strong intergenerational
programs easily and cost-effectively. Each guide includes:


A specific theme around which all else is based. Themes are
fundamental to strong educational programs because they
help synthesize information and create pathways to learning

A flexible structure, a core component of strong IG programs.
H2Gs are filled with IG best practices and options around the
theme of the month. You pick and choose as you see fit based
on whom you expect to participate in your program

Quick snip-its of information – building blocks – on the art & science of intergenerational engagement so that you are empowered. Knowledge is power! Maximize the impact on your IG experiences by understanding why your approach and choices of activities are critical to your success

Suggestions for specific people to invite to be collaborators on your Leadership Team based on the theme. Sustainable IG programs always begin with a committed leadership team. With your team, you’ll be able to share ideas and… the workload including recruiting participants

Possible Goals and Objectives. You know how important they
are but sometimes, they are so hard to identify. Again, we’ve
suggest a few to help you get started

Ice breakers that go along with the theme to get people
engaged with one another and in the spirit of the program

At least a dozen conversation starters – questions that will
lead to meaningful conversations and rich life review

At least a dozen activities based on the theme of the month.
You’ll find options for preschoolers through college students
and older adults of differing abilities

At least three ways to evaluate this specific program – again
based on the theme

A few ideas for healthy snacks related to the theme

A few ideas of ways to use this theme to help make your
workplace or organization where you volunteer more of an
age-integrated community


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