BT honors two volunteers with Senior Stellar Awards

Bridges Together Inc. honored two local residents from different generations with 2014 Stellar Senior Awards: longtime volunteer Adolf Bahlkow and high school senior Christina Foster. The awards were presented on November 26, 2014, at a ceremony during the annual Senior Luncheon at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School.
Andrea Weaver and award recipient Adolf Bahlkow

Andrea Weaver and award recipient Adolf Bahlkow

“This year we honor two seniors who have demonstrated leadership in bridging the generations within our Sudbury and Lincoln communities,” said Andrea Weaver, founder and executive director of Bridges Together, who led the presentation. The award was co-sponsored by Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School MLK Project and Sudbury Senior Center. Approximately 100 local seniors and 60 students attended the ceremony.

Adolf Bahlkow has served as a Bridges Together volunteer for 23 years, visiting elementary school classrooms to work with children to expand their cultural, historic and personal perspectives. This fall, Adolf “retired” from Bridges Together. “Adolf’s joy, humor, devotion, and encouragement were instrumental in helping to build Bridges from a one-week program in Sudbury to a not-for-profit organization that is becoming nationally renowned,” said Weaver.

Andrea Weaver and award recipient Christina Foster

Andrea Weaver and award recipient Christina Foster

As a high school student, Christina Foster served on the board of directors for Bridges Together. She is an alumna of the Bridges Together program, having participated during her fourth-grade year in Sudbury. In addition to serving on the board, she has worked as a volunteer to create promotional materials for the organization, including videos describing the program and its impact on seniors and students. “Christina has devoted many hours to building Bridges,” said Weaver. “She takes her work very seriously and does so with a cheerful disposition.”

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