BT Paper Outlines WHO’s Age-Friendly Domains Using Intergenerational Focus

From January until August, Bridges Together was lucky to have had an amazing intern. We first crossed paths with Marily Gonzalez, a 2017 graduate of College of Holy Cross, about a year ago when she participated in a Holy Cross job-shadow program. (Andrea is also a Holy Cross graduate.) That fortuitous day resulted in Marily interning with Bridges Together from January until August of this year. In those nine months, Marily was an invaluable member of the BT team – you can click here to read about her work with our Birthday/Anniversary party as well as a paper she wrote about looking at human services agencies through an “intergenerational lens.”

Image Courtesy of the Aging Services Council of Central Texas

Now, we are happy to share Marily’s final project with Bridges Together – a paper explaining how we can apply an intergenerational philosophy to each of the eight “age-friendly” domains as defined by the World Health Organization’s Global Network for Age-Friendly Cities and Communities.

Please click here to read this paper. Bridges Together believe strongly that intergenerational should not just be slotted into the “age-friendly” movement as a separate entity. Rather, “intergenerational” can be applied to all facets of an age-friendly community. Click here to find out how!




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