Celebrating Our Culture: A New How-To-Guide

The holidays are one of the many times of the year that our culture and traditions emerge the strongest. Everyone in our family and circle of friends know and understand our rituals, holiday traditions, even the food we cook and consume to celebrate the season. This Bridges Together How-To-Guide (H2G) focuses on the importance of culture. Use this as you gather during the holiday season OR later as you reflect on the holiday season OR as you help people appreciate the richness of your diversity.

Building Blocks: The culture wheel lets you discover all of the ways that culture manifests itself in our world. Traditionally older people have been the keepers of the culture, and have used storytelling as a way to pass the culture on to future generations. As we welcome people with new ethnicities into our family and country, it is important to share our culture but learn about and honor their culture, as well.

As one subscriber wrote after reading this issue:

Loved this H2G on culture, so very important to the essence of our being. Naturally, so very much centers around food. We all eat our traditional Italian food but our most favorite thing to do as a family is to eat Korean food together! We are now a blended family!
Thank you made my day.

Conversation Starters: Culture and storytelling are intertwined, so think about the stories from elders that remain with you today, or how a child might describe the traditions in your household. This H2G lists includes a number of ways to begin talking about things like ethnicity, values, treasured items like art or antiques, food and more.

Activities Abound: We have built a number of activities around the culture wheel. There are activities perfect for your holiday get-togethers, that allow everyone in your family or workplace – regardless of age – to participate.

Step by Step: Anyone who gathers groups of people – young to old– can learn the steps for starting, activating, and advancing an intergenerational gathering or program. Each step provides action item so you can invite, gather, design, implement and evaluate programs with structure and purpose. We’ve even included a great reading list to explore culture through picture books. There are also great tips for every level of implementation including snacks, evaluation methods, and things to take home.

The Culture How-To-Guide is available to Bridges Together subscribers only. Join today and receive this as your first copy along with a deck of Bridges Together Grand Conversation Cards! Email us Hello@BridgesTogether.org or fill out our contact form and someone from Bridges Together will connect with you to discuss further.

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