Celebrating Rites of Passage Intergenerationally

Spring and early summer are traditional American seasons filled with religious ceremonies, proms, graduations, weddings and other “rites of passage”. Rites of passage are cultural occasions that involve a change in status for an individual. Many of these rites involve ceremonies and celebrations, with generations coming together. However, in the hustle and bustle of American life and with the age-segregation that we are now experiencing, we may need to be intentional about celebrating these beyond the immediate members – whether in a family, a class at school, or a scout troop. When we find innovative ways to incorporate a greater community to celebrate these milestones, we have the opportunity to look at our past as well as create a new future that is stronger because we are together.

In our latest How-To-Guide, you will find:

More information on rites of passage – including bereavement and liminal spaces – and why we need to make time to celebrate and intentionally invite others to join us

  • Conversation starters like “What was it like for you to go through this rite of passage?” and “What have you learned so far that you would share with someone who is just starting out?”
  • Activities like using the Culture Wheel to explore the rite of passage OR bringing in a panel of people who have gone through that Rite of Passage to share on it OR Create a scavenger hunt or escape room activity for participants to solve together. Use clues that connect to the rite of passage.

In the Bridging Groups How-To-Guide, you will also find:

  • Ideas of people to invite to help plan this event
  • Ice breakers
  • Suggestions for evaluations

And more…

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