Collaboration… with Patti Russo

Collaboration.  It’s one of our core values. It’s one of our favorite words. It’s one of the reasons we are so excited about BT’s new membership.

Through the membership, we are able to easily collaborate with other intergenerational specialists. We are able to empower you – who are committed to uniting generations – at work or at home. We are also able to unite those of us engaged in this movement!

In this spirit, we are thrilled to present Patti Russo, M.S., CPT Certified Poetry Therapist, Between the Lines. We first met Patti at a training on the best practices of intergenerational engagement a few years ago. She won us over with her intergenerational poetry program.  An amazing woman and dedicated intergenerational leader! She also was pivotal in Carlisle being named one of Generation United’s best intergenerational communities.

April is national poetry month – and so we thought a fabulous theme for an intergenerational get-together, whether in a classroom, housing community room or senior center. And who could help us with a how-to-guide for those leading these programs? Patti to the rescue!

To be honest, we at BT, were (past tense) not big poetry fans – but Patti made a convert out of all of us! We are so excited to share many of her activities and combine them in our framework, what we call a Recipe for Intergenerational Success.

And calling on grandparents and grandfriends (those who are like grandparents), the springboard is chock-full of poetry-themed conversation starters and activities for the young ones in your lives – from preschool through college and beyond!

For more information on our work with Patti, you can read our earlier blog post here.


Patti offers her Partners in Rhyme poetry program to public and private schools. Click here for more information. Some of her participants’ poems are included in the Poetry Supplement – available to members only.


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