Connecting People of All Ages: New Book by IG Month Founder Sandy Kraemer

In early 2017, Bridges Together announced that it would be carrying on the great work of the Colorado-based organization Intergeneration Foundation (the creator and original overseer of Intergeneration Month). You can read more about the work of founder Sandy F. Kraemer, as well as how Bridges Together is continuing his work here.

In August, Sandy partnered with Kirk Woundy, an IG Foundation board member as well as the founder of Time Capsule Memories, to publish a book documenting the creation and successes of Sandy’s passion. Connecting People of All Ages: Founding Intergeneration Day, Intergeneration Month, and Much More tells the story of the founding of Intergeneration Foundation (formerly called the Fountain Institute) and profiles some of the key players in the IG Foundation story as they share their thoughts about the future of IG Foundation’s work.

The book also includes a sampling of prize-winning entries to the intergenerational story contest that Intergeneration Month/IG Foundation sponsored. This year, Bridges Together was pleased to carry on this wonderful tradition by initiating the Kraemer Intergenerational Story Contest. (Take a peek at this year’s prize-winning entries here.)

Fittingly, the last chapter of the book is a profile of Bridges Together founder and executive director Andrea J. Fonte Weaver and her thoughts about how she envisions carrying on the work and passion of Sandy and Intergeneration Foundation. (P.S. Stay tuned as we get the ball rolling on Intergenerational Awareness Month in September!)

You can purchase a copy of Connecting People of All Ages on Amazon right here.

BT Board Chair Michele Fisher, Andrea J. Fonte Weaver, Sandy F. Kraemer, former IG Month Board Member Dorothy Kraemer

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