Countdown to April 2 with Bridges Together Fun Facts

As we gear up for Bridges Together’s big bash on April 2 to celebrate the 25th birthday of the Bridges program and the 5th anniversary of our incorporation as a 501(c)(3), we’ve been sharing 25 fun facts about Bridges Together on our Facebook page. (By the way, we’re shy of 500 “likes” by JUST ONE. Who will be our 500th like?! Just go here and click the “like” button!) We’ve included the links to the original Facebook posts because there are some great photos featured too!

In case you’ve missed them, here are the first seven:

  1. The Bridges program started in 1991 in the Sudbury Public Schools, but it wasn’t called “Bridges”; it was called “Oldies but Goodies”! Click here for the original Facebook post and to see an “early days” picture of one of our most steadfast volunteers.
  2. Before we switched to the “rainbow bridge” logo in 2015, this was Bridges Together’s logo. (This one was created in 2013). In fact, the people pictured in it have been with Andrea and her work in different iterations since 1993, when her sister created the initial design. (They’ve made a reappearance on the logo for our April 2 event, which you can see here.) Click here for the original Facebook post.
  3. One of the first Bridges classes

    When we say the “Bridges Program Curricula Suite,” we mean that there are actually FOUR different programs that schools/communities/organizations can choose from. Our flagship program is Bridges: Growing Together, which is for Grades 3-6. But we also have Bridges: Our Stories (preschool/early elementary), Bridges: Our Smarts (middle school), and Bridges: Lifelong Journeys (high school…and soon to be college!). (This entire “suite” of programs is named a Generations United Program of Distinction, by the way!) Find out more about the Bridges Program Curricula Suite here. Click here for the original Facebook post.

  4. Making a quilt used to be a part of all Bridges sessions. Take a look at some of the examples made by youth and older adults in the original Facebook post! The quilt theme has carried on, as one of the auction items at our Spring into Summer event in April 2016 was a quilt made by the BT staff. And a focal point of the BT offices is a piece of art Andrea saw on a trip to the American Visionary Art Museum called “My Grandma Quilt Story.” It was created by Florida-based folk artist Mary L. Proctor, also known as “Missionary Mary.” (It’s pictured too!) Click here for the original Facebook post.
  5. Our monthly eNews started as an email to the people on Andrea’s holiday card list. Now, our eNews goes out to nearly 2,200 people from across the US, Canada, Europe and Australia! Would you like to receive our eNews too? Just click here. Click here for the original Facebook post.

    Bridges Together’s office is on part of the first floor of the Gate House!

  6. Bridges Together’s office is on the grounds of the historic Longfellow’s Wayside Inn in Sudbury, Massachusetts! If you’re passing through, we’re in the Gate House on the opposite side of the inn. We’re a little office with big reach…come and say hello! Click here for the original Facebook post.
  7. “Intergenerational” might sound “nice,” but did you know that there is an entire field of study on it? In fact, Andrea, BT’s founder and executive director, has her MS in Intergenerational Studies from Wheelock College. (Pictured below on her graduation day with her friend Courtney.) Read more about the field of intergenerational studies on our Research page (here) or in a blog post by Andrea about the art and science of IG programming here. Click here for the original Facebook post.


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