Crossing generations through the arts

Photo from The Beach Reporter, 2015

Photo from The Beach Reporter, 2015

Artists in Mira Costa, California, recently joined forces to host their first Intergenerational Art Exhibition. Held in May 2015, the exhibit–themed “Identity”– was the result of a collaboration between the Manhattan Beach Older Adults Program and the Mira Costa High School Art Department.

Jennifer Mireles, an art teacher at Mira Costa High School, instructed her second-year students to create identity masks for the Integenerational Art Exhibit, while seniors from the Manhattan Beach community created art that was related to the “Identity” theme. Ms. Mireles also invited a senior from the community to talk about the art-making process and to discuss art-making as a lifetime activity.

On Friday, May 22, the intergenerational collaboration continued with the first improv show at the New Little Theatre at Mira Costa. The Mira Costa High School Sportz Improv Team and the Manhattan Beach Older Adult Improv class joined forces for an unscripted show. Click here to read the recent feature in The Beach Reporter.

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