Did We Say Double? Nah, Make it a Triple!

three heartsLet’s paint a picture of an intergenerational “triple play”:

What would happen if every child in your community benefitted from the wisdom of an older adult? On the flip side, what would happen if every older adult in your community had the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by a child? And how would it feel to have the privilege of living in an “age-advantaged” community? At Bridges Together, we believe that Intergenerational Programs are a Vaccination Against Ageism and a Prescription for Longevity.

What if you could make that triple play possible? We at Bridges Together think you can!

We mentioned on Monday that any donation made before February 14, Valentine’s Day, would be matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to $1,000. Forget double, let’s make a triple match happen!

This is a historic moment for Bridges Together: A donor has offered to triple every donation that comes in this week for Valentine’s Day! Here’s where YOU can make the difference!

  • Your $5 becomes $15                   
  • Your $10 becomes $30
  • Your $25 becomes $75                      
  • Your $50 becomes $150

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Your donation will secure the future of Bridges Together and communities who strive to be “age-advantaged.” Think about the difference you will make in the lives of hundreds of children and older adults.

Want three reasons why we believe a donation to Bridges Together is a donation toward the future?

1) Take a look at these articles about Bridges: Growing Together in Maynard. Amy Loveless, Director of the Maynard Council on Aging, says, “As far as an intergenerational program, I think it’s [Bridges Together] above and beyond.” 
 Bridges 1
 2) Read here about the same program in Fitchburg. According to Lisa Moison, director of the extended campus at Fitchburg State University, “When the senior citizens arrive at the school, they’re treated like rock stars. All of the kids want to talk to them, and that’s when it becomes clear just how great a program this is.”
3) On February 4, Bridges Together hosted a Massachusetts Intergenerational Strategies Summit. Leaders from organizations such as AARP Massachusetts, MIT AgeLab the Executive Office of Elder Affairs andHebrew SeniorLife convened to discuss how Massachusetts can become a leader in intergenerational issues. Read all about it here.
Help us triple the impact that Bridges Together makes! Donate online or send a check to: Bridges Together, 47 Wayside Inn Rd 1W, Sudbury, MA 01776
Thank you…x 3!

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