Educating, empowering, connecting generations

Wow! We are more than two weeks into the New Year!

Group Training Nov 2014At Bridges Together, we are off to an exciting start. We have offered a record-breaking four trainings in the past two weeks.

We were able to train Intergenerational Leadership Teams for Harwich and Chatham (the Monomoy Regional District), as well as Worcester.  They will be implementing Bridges programs over the next few months.

Approximately 30 professionals from senior centers, assisted living, preschools and libraries have attended our inaugural Boot Camp where they learned about intergenerational programs, human development theories, best practices and actually formulated the outline of an intergenerational plan for their own community.

Our mission is to educate, empower and connect generations.

We are educating professionals on how to educate and support the development of people of all generations in their own communities.  Some people are choosing to be educated on use of our Bridges packaged program curricula manuals – because we’ve “done all the thinking and hard-work and they just have to follow the directions,” as they say.  Others are choosing to become educated on the 5 Ws – who, what, where, why, when and how – so that they can create their own intergenerational programs.  In both cases, we are empowering these professionals from many organizations to connect generations – to engage with one another – to begin to think about aging and older adults in a positive way.  Imagine the ripple effects through our communities, through our generations for years to come?!  When one senior center staff member is educated…  then creates an intergenerational program…  a child comes and has an experience with a senior that piques her interest and leads to a lifelong passion – or a senior who is recently retired comes and is grateful for the opportunity to engage with the vitality of children in their community…  Or the professional herself – who meets another dozen colleagues with whom she can share intergenerational “brain sparks,” ideas, best practices – how life-giving and empowering is that?

These are exciting times!

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