Bridges Together offers a variety of events, both virtual and live, to help you on your intergenerational journey.

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MONTHLY WEBINARS: We offer monthly webinars for our How-To Guides and our Springboards. As members, you can also access the recordings of these so that you can utilize them whenever you need them

MONTHLY CALL-IN TIMES: Once a month, we also offer a 2-hour time block for “Ask the Expert” time. Please use this time to call in to our content-experts staff members (one of them being Andrea!) to discuss any questions, challenges or to share your successes with your Intergenerational engagements!

Intergenerational Month

Intergenerational Month is in September. Formerly called Intergenerational Awareness Month, or IGAM, at Bridges Together, Intergenerational Month is a global movement celebrating the many benefits of relationships between adults aged 60+ and young people. It also seeks to raise awareness about the societal changes that have created the need for mindfully uniting the generations. Bridges Together is carrying the work of the organization Intergeneration Month, which initiated the recognition of a month devoted to celebrating intergenerational connections. (Read more about this partnership here.)

Here are TWO WAYS for you to get involved:

  • Plan and host an event in your community. Click here for more information.
  • Enter the Kraemer Intergenerational Story Contest. Click here for more information.





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