Free How-To-Guides (H2Gs)

Here is an overview of the basic steps to creating a successful IG program – including BT’s Recipe of IG Success. This recipe provides the basic format for each of our How-To-Guides. Get your subscription today.

These How-To-Guides (H2Gs) have been commissioned by different organizations for use by their constituents and made available for your use.

Whos Cooking H2G offers a supplement of Cooking Books, a spreadsheet of picture books that are multigenerational, multicultural with related conversation starters, ideas for activities related to healthy foods and some service projects.

Who’s Cooking is made possible by: 




In 2015, MCOA made available the following mini-H2Gs, full of ideas but not as comprehensive as our current H2Gs.  

ABCs of IG Programs

Art Museum

Calling All Scouts

Celebrating Grandparents (and Grandfriends) Day

Get Outside!

Helping Hands: Intergenerational Volunteering

Music to Our Ears: Making Intergenerational Music

Let’s Dance: Planning an Intergenerational Prom

Walking Together: An Intergenerational Outdoor Activity

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