From the Field: Two Bridges Program Alumnae Make Their Marks

Bridges Together got its start in Sudbury in 1991, and we are pleased to report that local youth are still making their intergenerational mark, with BT’s help!

Ella, third from left, receiving an OMEGA scholarship. Photo courtesy of MIT.

In July, the MIT AgeLab, in partnership with the New England University Transportation Center and AARP, presented three OMEGA (Opportunities for Multigenerational Engagement, Growth, and Action) Scholarships to Boston-area high school students. We are happy to share that one of these recipients was Ella Houlihan, a recent graduate of Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School and member of the Bridges: Lifelong Journeys club. You can read MIT News’ post about it here.

Emma and BT volunteer Frank.

Also in July, a feature about the Bridges Program Curricula Suite appeared on Dr. Bill Thomas’ ChangingAging blog. The author interviewed another recent Lincoln-Sudbury graduate and member of the Bridges: Lifelong Journeys club, Emma Cohen. (You may remember Emma from our November 2016 eNews. Click here to read.) It’s a pleasure to read Emma’s remarks and know that Bridges has made an impact on her. She says, “The meetings we have with older adults give us knowledge and information and so many things. I think it helps strengthen the relationships we have with older adults outside the club, like family members and other people in the community.“ Click here to read the ChangingAging article.

Congratulations to Ella and Emma! Bridges Together is happy to have played a small part in shaping you into the thoughtful young adults that you are.


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