IG in Your Community

We all know the sentiment of “think globally, act locally.” Here are some ways to start an intergenerational movement in your community:

Launch a Packaged Bridges program

The Bridges Program Curricula Suite is a proven, award-winning intergenerational solution for those who would like a packaged, off-the-shelf solution. Our evidence-based programs have been used for 25 years and have touched over 13,000 youth and older adults. The purchase of each Bridges program includes approximately six hours of training for you and your colleagues to ensure you have the insights and tools to begin implementation of a successful IG program in your own community.

Plan Your Own Custom One-Time or Ongoing Program

Bridges Together’s goal is to empower others to implement intergenerational programs that suit their communities’ needs. Therefore, we also provide support and tools for those who would like to create their own one-time or ongoing program or event. Please check out our How-To Guides or our Ins & Outs of Planning Your Intergenerational Program workshops, designed to inspire and equip people to build intergenerational bridges.

Bring Bridges Together to Your Community

Is your workplace, club, school or local government interested in learning more about intergenerational issues? Bridges Together can help! Take a look at our workshop and training topics. To learn more about BT speaking or facilitating in your organization, please contact Associate Director Debbie Howell via email or at 978.793.9650.

If You're an Educator...

If You Work with Older Adults...

Bring Bridges to Your Center!

Use the Bridges or a custom program for your senior center. You can also join our membership, attend an event and more!

If You're a Grandparent or Parent.....

Bring Bridges To Your Home!

Integrate IG activities into your household using our printable Springboards. Join our membership to get monthly activities!