Gratitude: It’s a Life Changer

Did you know that? If we choose to extend gratitude long beyond Thanksgiving, we can expect powerful changes – even in the chemistry of our bodies.

To celebrate the 2018 season of giving, a recent Bridges Together How-To-Guide (H2G) focuses on the power of gratitude – full of ideas, tips and actionable ways you, your family and your organizations can express,receive and show gratitude in meaningful ways. Whether you are gathered with a room full of people or in a one-on-one setting, this H2G will help you with Building Blocks and a Step-by-Step approach including:

Building Blocks: You will learn and discover why it’s so important to be grateful and appreciative for people, moments and experiences in your life. From Harvard to Oprah, this Gratitude guide includes research, philosophy and lists the 5 components of gratitude as well as why being optimistic is important on your intergenerational journey.

Conversation Starters:  Would you like some help in starting a conversation that really touches you and building relationships that matter? This H2G lists creative ways to start conversations – with young people – mature people – new connections – old friends with the theme of gratitude in mind. The guide includes a list of 14 questions to ask as you gather with others to generate meaningful conversations. They are designed to explore the topic through examples, feelings, goals, and anecdotes.

Activities Galore: Whether in a family or professional setting, one-on-one or in a group, preschooler or millennial,parent or older adult, there are dozens of activities focused on gratitude inviting people to gather, speak, write, create, watch, learn and en-joy.

Step-by-Step: For those who gather groups of people – young or old– learn the steps for starting, activating, and advancing their intergenerational programs. Each step provides actionable ways to invite,gather, design, implement and evaluate programs with structure and purpose. This H2G will help you organize, plan, and prepare. With easy tables to journal your planning and work, including suggested lessons (and how to create more), how to attract and recruit leaders, what snacks represent “gratitude” that will be fun to make or serve, and more. There is also a checklist for evaluating your program.

The Gratitude: It is a Life Changer How-To Guide is available to Bridges Together subscribers only. Join today and receive this as your first copy along with a deck of Bridges Together Grand Conversation Cards!Email us or fill out our contact form and someone from Bridges Together will connect with you to discuss further.

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