“Heartwarming and Vital…”

Those were the only words in the text that came through – along with some photos from our Circle of Love event last week. So, we reflect:

Heartwarming –

  • To hear the stories from folks in Arling-

    Charlotte and Ted share about the impact Bridges has had on them

    ton who implemented Bridges last year and expanded into another grade this year (Thank you Tufts Health Plan Foundation for making this possible)

  • To see the friendships that have formed in the Bridges programs
  • To celebrate between people who care about the organization. It truly was a night to celebrate old friends and make new ones

Vital –

  • Intergenerational programs that are a vaccination against ageism and a prescription for longevity
  • Our efforts to create more age-integrated communities in this society that is divided so often by age
  • The funds that were raised to help this organization carry out its mission
  • The many volunteers who generously share time, talent and treasure to build intergenerational bridges – including event co-chair Bonny Rollender, previous
  • Chris Hammer is honored for his work on the BT Board

    board chair Chris Hammer who was honored, auctioneer Terry Daly and assistant Nate Weaver, intergenerational poetry therapist Patti Russo who recited for us, graphic designer Michael DiFronzo and the amazing team from Arlington – Lisa, Marci, Rebecca, Bill, Ted, Jocelyn, Annie, Ben and Charlotte.

A huge thank you to

To the following who shared their talents with us:

Thank you to the Circle Furniture family for hosting us

to the following companies that contributed:


And most of all thank you to all who came and to all who were with us in spirit!

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