“I want to bring Bridges to my grandchild’s or child’s school – now what?”

Bridges_logo2013So often, we get asked this question:

“I want to bring Bridges to my grandchild’s [or child’s] school.  What should I do?”  

In fact, it was a multitude of grandparents who asked this question that helped propel Andrea Weaver to found Bridges Together Inc. Here are a few easy steps to get this started.

1.  Let Andrea know that this is your hope.  You may email her at Andrea@BridgesTogether.org or call her at 978-400-6813.

2.  Contact a local teacher, principal, superintendent or school committee member and tell them…

  • What you know about Bridges  and why it’s beneficial (just a sentence or two summary)
  • Direct them to the website www.BridgesTogether.org.  Advise them that the videos in the Impact section are informative.
  • That you have spoken with the Executive Director, Andrea Weaver, and she’d be happy to setup an online meeting with them!

3.  Let Andrea know you’ve made contact and the results.  Sometimes, the grandparent or parent continues to check in with the schools and other times, Bridges Together staff takes over. We’ve found it important to remember that people are very busy and juggling lots of demands – especially in the schools.  Patience and persistence are important vital.  It can take a year to 18 months to get Bridges into a new community – but then we see the magic of friendships between older adults and children, we see the power of a trained Intergenerational Leadership Team and we know – it was worth the journey!

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