Intergenerational innovator honored by University of Pittsburgh

Sally Newman

Sally Newman

Sally Newman Ph.D, one of Andrea Weaver’s “shereos” (female hero), has been honored by the University of Pittsburgh, which recently created the Newman Award for Intergenerational Project Initiatives. This award is in recognition of her pioneering work in the intergenerational field. Dr Newman is not only the founding editor of the Journal of Intergenerational Relationships (in which Bridges Together was recently featured) but also the founder and executive director of Generations Together, an intergenerational center at the University of Pittsburgh. In addition, Dr. Newman is the founding co-chair of the International Consortium of Intergenerational Programs (ICIP), an international networking and support organization.

During her tenure at Pitt, Dr. Newman developed and conducted intergenerational workshops, training institutes, and academic courses at Pitt and other institutions in the U.S. and abroad. Currently, she is an emerita researcher from the University of Pittsburgh Center for Social and Urban Research (UCSUR) and is on the faculty at the University of Pittsburgh School of Education. She has collaborated on numerous publications on intergenerational topics and is the author of Intergenerational Programs: Past, Present and Future. This text is one of the principal textbooks which Andrea Weaver, Bridges Together’s Executive Director, used in her master’s degree program in intergenerational studies at Wheelock College.

For more information on the International Consortium of Intergenerational Programs (ICIP), consult its website at  The website for the Journal of Intergenerational Relationships is

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