Introducing BT’s Newest Corporate Sponsor: Just So Designs

justsoTwo of Bridges Together’s core values are “lifelong learning” and “recognizing people’s giftedness” – and our corporate sponsor for this month, Just So Designs: Susan Ogar Photography, embodies these values and complements Bridges Together’s mission.

In 2007, weary of the long commute to and from Boston and desiring to spend more time with her young children, photographer Sue Ogar decided to hang her own shingle and pursue a career in photography, something that she had enjoyed since she was a little girl. Sue honed her skills while in high school and college, but after graduating, her career took her to the textbook-publishing industry, where she ran the Marketing team.

generationsAlthough she initially took on “everything that came [her] way,” Sue ultimately decided to specialize in portraits, specifically of families and high school seniors. “My specialty is capturing moments,” she says. “It’s wonderful to see the different connections that occur in between shots, such as little bonds between cousins who live apart or between a grandfather and one grandchild.” Sue’s thoughts about these multi-generational family shots provide a nice illustration of why Bridges Together champions intergenerational relationships: “You need to capture these moments when you have them. Families change; it’s sad, but you lose people. I have pictures of me with my grandparents, and I treasure them because they provide a connection to the past. But multi-generational shots also provide a great ‘moment-in-time’ opportunity. On a personal note, I’m glad that my parents organized a family portrait session three years ago because since then, my nephew has grown to 6’2” and is taller than all the adults! These multi-generational portraits are a little piece of family history.”

sueogarphotoOne special undertaking that sets Sue apart from other photographers is her Honoring Mothers project. Inspired by an article about mothers “getting into the picture” with their kids, the famous Procter and Gamble ad during the 2014 Olympics and her childhood friend Heather whose son struggled with a rare brain disease, Sue set out to photograph mothers of children with special needs. The result is a series of portraits of mothers and children as well as a blog post about each family highlighting their challenges and triumphs.

Sue is a board member of the Professional Photographers Association of Massachusetts as well as an active member of the Professional Photographers Association of America.

Thank you to Sue and Just So Designs for coming alongside Bridges Together! To find out more about Sue’s work, please visit her online at or email Sue at

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