It’s a Gift to Converse and Connect: BT Grand Conversation Cards

christmas-box-71758_640It’s November, which means that stores and media have already been bombarding you for weeks with messages to buy, buy, buy!

We’d be the first to suggest that the gift of time and presence is the best kind of gift. But there’s something special about purchasing something for someone, isn’t there? We want to help bring you that joy, so we’re proposing giving something that brings loved ones together to share, talk, reminisce and even laugh.

Bridges Together’s Grand Conversation Cards have proven to be a big hit! Andrea, our founder and executive director, keeps a deck of them in a teacup on her table at home. And when the parents of our operations director, Debbie, pulled out the cards, they discovered something new about each other despite 50 years of marriage under their belts. When we use these cards in Bridges Together trainings and workshops, participants learn something about each other besides “what’s your name, where ya from?” – often in less than 60 seconds!

Questions range from the fun (“If you could choose one song to be your ‘anthem’, what would it be and why?”) to the introspective (“What do you do to make the world a better place?”), and some will require you to jog your memory! (“When you were little, who took care of you when you weren’t in school?”) We guarantee that all 40 questions will produce conversation and connections.

Conversation is good; meaningful conversation where one truly engages with another person is even better. Why not give the gift of presence and conversation this holiday season by buying a deck of our Grand Conversation Cards? They’re perfect for your Thanksgiving table, as one of the eight Hanukkah gifts or as a stocking stuffer. Make sure you order yours – $10/deck plus $3 for shipping – before we sell out!

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