Kraemer Intergenerational Story Contest: Share Your IG Story for a Chance to Win $500!

September is Intergenerational Month, a time set aside to intentionally celebrate the many benefits between older adults and young people. One way that Bridges Together is encouraging people to participate is to share an intergenerational story with the Kraemer Intergenerational Story Contest, powered by Pass it Down.

Here’s an excerpt from last year’s Intergenerational Story Contest winning entry:

Intergenerational family recipes should never be lost. Here is mine:

2 parts revolution, preferably Communist
1 flower-covered mountain – avoid overdoing it
2 parts sugar – Chef’s Note: try not to buy the sugar from a country whose fields are owned by foreign corporate interests – it upsets the Communists.
Several bouquets of flowers, any kind will do… (continue reading here)

What is an intergenerational story? We are seeking stories about “bookend generations” – that is, grandchildren and grandparents or others in those age demographics. You can read last year’s winners here.

One change that Bridges Together has implemented is that the stories can be “told” via four different media. We are accepting submissions that highlight and illustrate intergenerational relationships in the following formats:

  • Written word (share a story, poem, memoir in 500 words or less)
  • Audio (Pass it Down makes it easy to tell your story!)
  • Video (how about filming a grandchild and grandparent interviewing each other? Pass it Down makes it easy to upload video as well!)
  • Visual Art (submit an intergenerational photograph or a photo of another piece of art along with a 100-word description)

Share your story HERE for a chance to win $500!



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