Making Massachusetts Intergenerational: Statewide IG Consortium 2.0 in May

bright ideaIn February, Bridges Together took the bold step of convening a Statewide Intergenerational Strategies Summit. At the request of Secretary of Elder Affairs Alice Bonner, we led a group of about 20 leaders in the aging, educational and social services fields to create a “top ten” list of ways that the Executive Office of Elder Affairs can promote an intergenerational lens on a state level. This “meeting of minds” sparked impactful conversation – and perhaps most importantly, a desire by those involved to meet again. (For background, you can read our original post on the Summit,  Andrea J. Fonte Weaver’s opening remarks and an article in the MetroWest Daily News.)

Therefore, Bridges Together is pleased to announce that this group will be reassembling in May with the intent of brainstorming even more ways that Massachusetts can be a leader in intergenerational issues. Our state is a leader in many fields, including education and biotech — we believe that we can encourage it to be a forerunner in intergenerational issues as well!

You can read a collection of Aging and IG Initiatives that we compiled for the first meeting, and if you are interested in reading our report to Secretary Bonner, please contact Debbie Howell at Debbie AT Similarly, if you have a desire to see Massachusetts lead the charge in looking at its communities through an intergenerational lens, please contact Debbie to see if joining this consortium is the right fit for you.

Let’s make Massachusetts intergenerational!

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