Bridges Together is the only organization offering a combination of adaptable intergenerational curricula and professional development training.  Through our trainings and programming over the last 6 years, we recognized that there was a need to provide resources to the IG community to stimulate engagement and connections on a monthly basis. Our hope is to make the planning easier so more time can be spent engaging and having those wonderful conversations. We are the experts in the art and science behind IG engagement so you can get the most out of the opportunity!

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Subscription Types

Bridging Families: a monthly guide for enriching conversations and activities. This is ideal for grandparents, grandfriends, parents, mentors and anyone looking to stimulate meaningful conversations in an informal setting.

Bridging Groups: a monthly how-to-guide for successful IG programs. This is ideal for anyone leading a formal IG program and looking to receive monthly step-by-step, themed guides on 90-minute activities.

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Corporate Sponsors: Companies that support Bridges Together as a sponsor. Sponsorship can be general or in regards to a specific program or offering.

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Subscription Options


Bridges Together currently offers monthly IG tools and resources to our subscribers in the form of two different subscriptions based on the two main types of needs within our community. They are:

  • Bridging Families: a monthly guide for enriching IG conversations and activities
  • Bridging Groups: a monthly how-to-guide for successful IG programs

Along with receiving the monthly subscription, subscribers also receive the following benefits:

  • Access to monthly “Ask the Experts” times
  • Discounted rates for on-site trainings and BT events
  • Networking: One-on-one introductions to other BT Subscribers

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A community that works for both children and older adults is a community that works for everyone. With this intergenerational vision in mind, we at Bridges Together work towards our all-important mission to educate, empower and connect generations to transform lives today for tomorrow.

Across the country, Bridges Together is creating positive change in communities by educating professional leaders on our unique approach to Age-Friendly Programs, engaging children and adults in meaningful activities in a classroom environment. We’re designing social change and building a vital new paradigm of Age-Friendly communities.

Generous corporate partners help to make positive change in our communities by investing in Bridges Together. We invite you to contact our Development Director to discuss how your investment can transform the lives of both children and older adults across the country and be recognized publicly.

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Partnerships & Other Resources


Bridges Together is a recognized partner for many organizations and associations throughout the world. Our Partnership programs are strong supporters of our membership and offerings. If you are a member or volunteer of these partners, you will receive a discount on your membership.

Thank you to our dedicated Partners–if you aren’t already involved, please take a moment to do so!


Other Resources

Take a look at some intergenerational initiatives around the globe:

Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships — Canada

Generations Working Together — Scotland

From Generation to Generation — United Kingdom

Intergeneration — Switzerland

European Map of Intergenerational Learning (EMIL) — Europe

LINKages Society of Alberta — Canada



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