Multigenerational Workforce Webinar with Holy Cross a Success

On Wednesday, November 1, Bridges Together founder and executive director Andrea J. Fonte Weaver hosted an Alumni Career Development Webinar via the alumni association of College of the Holy Cross. (Andrea is a proud Holy Cross graduate!)

The topic was The Multigenerational Workforce: Finding Common Ground. This notion of “generational unity” is particularly pertinent now since it is not uncommon for four generations to be working side by side. Questions that employers (and employees) may be mulling over include:

  • How do we engage in frank discussions about generational differences?
  • How can employees and managers of different generations teach and learn from each other?
  • How can we see each other through different lenses and not let generational stereotypes cloud our perceptions?

You may view the archived webinar here.

Andrea’s participation in this webinar series garnered positive feedback, including the following: “Content and presentation were excellent. I work in a multi-generational, multi-cultural environment and will apply some of the additional motivational suggestions from today’s presentation to my management approach with my teams.” Another participant suggested that her workplace would welcome a workshop covering these topics.

Is this Multigenerational Workforce training something you would like to bring to your workplace? Please contact Associate Director Debbie Howell via email or at 978.793.9650 for more information.

Thank you to the Alumni Association of College of the Holy Cross for the opportunity for Andrea to share about this important and timely topic.

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