Help BT’s Researcher With a New Study About Older Men!

researchBridges Together researcher (as well as a BT supporter from the beginning!) Edward Thompson, Jr., Ph.D., professor emeritus in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the College of the Holy Cross, recently shared with us information about a University of Akron study on masculine norms for older men. Although research (and much discussion) delves into people’s opinions on the cultural expectations for young men, there’s not much measurable information about the viewpoints of mature men (about men in their demographic) who may have adult children, or may be approaching retirement or have retired.

Dr. Thompson and his research partners have developed a new measure of “traditional masculinity” and are recruiting 500 men and women to complete an online survey. Are you interested in taking approximately 30 minutes to answer 71 questions? Simply click here. Upon completion, you can choose to be entered into a raffle to win $50. Questions can be directed to Dr. Ronald Levant:, 330.972.5496.

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