Out of the mouths… of grandmothers

Two grandmothers, who volunteer in Bridges: Growing Older, Growing Together, recently shared some of their thoughts on the program.

Liz wrote:

I’ve been volunteering with the Bridges program for five years. It’s a very structured inter-generational curriculum that has been adopted by many schools. Bridges goals and objectives have been coordinated with the new Common Core curriculum.

I have to tell you, as a grandparent and a baby-boomer, I have been blown away by my experience with Bridges! Fourth graders and seniors talk in small groups about schools then and now, about family heritage and traditions, about how we spend our free time, and what age we would most want to be, if we could choose any age we like. And to my great delight, the children not only listen, they ask questions and get involved. They share their own stories, too, and often our conversations in class begin a dialog with their own grandparents. It is truly a win/win experience for all those involved.


Anne wrote:

It has been fun doing the actual Bridges program and I think all the participants have benefited from the exposure.  It is definitely a program that draws people together and that is such an important thing in today’s fractured society.  
Thank you for your efforts
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