How-to-Guides (H2Gs ) Issues & Themes

Since January, 2018, Bridges Together has published a monthly How To Guide on a different theme. They are designed to help anyone who wants to build bridges between generations – whether through groups (think classrooms, senior center & housing, community organizations)… or in families and mentoring relationships.

Each H2G has an unique theme and is chock-full of information on the art & science of intergenerational engagement including questions to start meaningful conversations and activities for people of all ages and abilities.

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Celebrating with the Culture Wheel

Gratitude: It’s a Life-Changer

Peace: Let It Begin With Me (included a bonus lesson “Dying, Death & Living”)

Who’s Cooking? (included a cooking books supplement)

Reading For Life

Playing with Art: Enjoying the Process

Gardening: The Intergenerational Way

Summer Movies

Outside The Classroom: Helping Others While Having Fun

May is Older American’s Month: Engage at Every Age

Exploring the Passion and Power of Poetry (included a Poetry Supplement)

Women’s History Month: Empower Women and Girls

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