Bridges: Growing Together for Grades 3-6

“I feel very fortunate that our school is a part of this program. We do a phenomenal job connecting with our community. However, this experience is unique. Not many students get an opportunity like this, so I am thrilled to see it play out!”

Bridges: Growing Together in Berkeley, CA

In Bridges: Growing Together, participants explore different aspects of their own life stories along with those of their families and the greater community through:

  • interactive discussions
  • a variety of projects utilizing the different multiple intelligences, including: creating graphic organizers, drawing and music.

Favorite activities include sharing about an heirloom, a student-led tour of the school and/or community center and teaching about a favorite topic.

Participants will:

  • learn about their family histories
  • have the opportunity to lead and teach
  • discuss changes in our world over time, such as the way we celebrate holidays
  • recognize the way people are the same and different regardless of our ages

A quilt created by Bridges: Growing Together students for their older adult volunteers

Session titles include:

  • Learning About Older Adults
  • Getting to Know You
  • Schools Then & Now
  • Ethnicities, Heirlooms and Traditions
  • Learning from Each Other
  • Introduction to The Multiple Intelligence “Smarts” Theory
  • How Old is Old?
  • Celebrations

For more information, contact our Intergenerational Facilitator Julie Shaw via email or at 978.793.9509.

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