Putting Its Stamp on IGAM: Spellman Museum of Stamps & Postal History Planning September Event

Item number: 140405899614

Plans for Intergenerational Awareness Month are really taking shape!  We are so pleased that communities have taken our “call to action” to heart and are busy planning events to celebrate relationships between older adults and youth during the month of September.

Here’s one example of a community crafting an event to commemorate IGAM: The Spellman Museum of Stamps & Postal History in Weston is providing a creative way to engage all generations using its mission and strengths. On Saturday, September 10, the museum will hold an Intergenerational “Show and Tell.” If you are a grandparent, parent or child with a penchant for collecting, come share it with others. People of all ages are invited to bring selections from their favorite collection of items such as postcards, coins, buttons, pins, comic books, baseball cards…the list is endless! (Stamp collections are a given!)

Visit the Spellman Museum online and take a peek at our IGAM page to see what other communities are planning!

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