Reading For Life: August’s How-To-Guide

Volunteers explore a book used in Bridges: Our Stories

Reading can be so enjoyable for all ages! Additionally, as our newest How-To Guide on Reading For Life points out, it can also “truly support our development as people across our lifespan”. Starting as early as newborn age, reading is an important and necessary part of life which is why it’s perfect to integrate into intergenerational engagement and programming. This month’s How-To Guide (H2G) was inspired by one of our member’s requests for help understanding what IG programming libraries are offering. This H2G is filled with activities and content pulled from IG-focused colleagues and conferences.


As with all of our How-To Guides, this 14-page tool gives:

  • Building blocks including background knowledge on the topic of reading for all ages and the importance of starting with a “theme”
  • Conversation starters about books that can be used in families, mentoring relationships or formal settings
  • 20 different activities for people of all ages and abilities include “putting in order”, “storybook walk”, “DEAR Time” and “A Love Story” – which is not what you expect
  • A few themed-snack ideas
  • And it ends as all How-To Guides do, with a step-by-step guide to setting up a formal program for IG groups.

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